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Our Mission

To be the best bakery on the market, defined by the real quality of our food and the satisfaction of our customers. 

Our mission statement: we're on a mission to redefine real. We make quality-driven food that provides fuel and comfort in life's daily challenges and inspires you to get real.
Family enjoying Granola Factory on the beach.
Bethlehem Bars on the top of Mt. Rainer.
Wake up to what really matters in life: Quality and Authenticity
The food industry has put convenience ahead of quality. Ingredients, processes, and people have been compromised for short-term profits. Let's get food back on the right path and put real quality first.
Cinnamon Swirl Bread
Hand-flipped granola
Our Values: Real People, Real Ingredients, Real Artisanry, Real Moments
We started as a family business. We strive to instill the same values and authenticity in our team members that we built our family around: kindness, respect, integrity and accountability. This creates a sense of loyalty and ownership to the products we make for our customers.
Granola Factory Team Members
Good Vibrations Granola Ingredients
We use only real ingredients that are familiar and widely available. If an ingredient isn't easily accessible to our customers, it shouldn't be in the food we make. We source from the partners who share this commitment and authenticity to their craft.
Producing food in-house is challenging, but it's our attention to detail and hands-on approach that allows us to oversee the quality of the product from start to finish.
Granola Factory Bakery
Food is only as good as the context it's enjoyed. We realize our products are inherently connected to your moments of comfort and enjoyment each day, and we value the opportunity to be a part of them.

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