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Kiffle Tins

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Kiffles are hand-rolled Hungarian pastries with a fruit or nut filling. Each kiffle tin comes 30 kiffles. Variety packs come with the following: 

  • 10 Raspberry Kiffles
  • 10 Walnut Kiffles
  • 10 Apricot Kiffles


Each Tin is packed securely and ships through UPS ground. 


About Our Kiffles

Every kiffle starts with a flaky cream cheese pastry that's rolled paper thin and cut into squares. Each square is filled with either raspberry jam, apricot preserves, or a bakery-made sweet walnut filling. Kiffles will quickly become your favorite holiday cookie and your most popular gift of the season. 



Raspberry Kiffles: flour, cream cheese, butter, raspberry jam, powdered sugar.

Apricot Kifflesflour, cream cheese, butter, apricot preserves, powdered sugar. 

Walnut Kiffles: flour, cream cheese, butter, walnuts, sugar, egg whites, powdered sugar.