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Is Granola Healthy?

Is Granola Healthy?

Posted by Ellie C. on May 20th 2022

The question ‘Is Granola Healthy?’ is common among many consumers. We believe ours is due to its seven simple, high-quality ingredients: rolled oats, oat bran, honey, butter, pecans, cinnamon and salt. There are many different opinions on the matter so we asked a few unbiased, educated sources this question…

Amanda Mills is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. She’s a mom of two and fitness instructor as well! We chatted with her regarding her views on granola and whether it’s healthy.

"I get the question all the time asking whether or not granola is healthy for you and, in short, my answer is always 'it depends.' Unfortunately, a lot of store-bought granolas are made with processed seed oils like canola and soybean oil, tons of added sugar, corn syrup and even artificial colors. So, when it comes to granola, you HAVE to check the ingredients which is why I love Granola Factory's products. They're made with high quality, simple, real ingredients like oats, honey, butter, pecans, cinnamon and salt. The sugar content of their granola is less than most and they offset your glucose spike by including high quality butter, nuts and seeds to increase the fat and protein content.”

How do you enjoy granola?

“I eat granola paired with some high quality, grass-fed Greek yogurt or as a topping on a protein smoothie, this granola is a delicious, healthy breakfast or snack!"

Learn more about Amanda on her blog and give her Instagram a follow for more wellness tips!

Jaclyn Giordano is a Registered Dietician. In asking her the same question, here’s what she had to say…

“Granola can be a healthy alternative to add into your breakfast or snack routine, however, it is important to know the ingredients and to look for quality when choosing the brand. Most granola brands are high in added sugars, saturated fats, and processed ingredients you can hardly pronounce. Granola Factory granola is made with wholesome ingredients. The main ingredient is oats which is a cholesterol-lowering fiber-packed whole grain. Additionally, the granola factory includes nuts in its granola which can provide a small dose of beneficial fat into the diet.

Although most granola is heavily processed, Granola Factory granola contains natural and wholesome ingredients. Granola Factory contains ingredients you can pronounce and have often heard before, it is non-GMO, and is a great nutrient dense granola to have at breakfast or snack meals. Granola Factory granola is a great brand that is lower in sugar, higher in fiber, and provides a ton of nutrient value per bite!”

How do you enjoy granola?

“My favorite way to eat Granola Factory granola is with yogurt and fresh fruit!”

For nutritious recipes and snack ideas, give Jaclyn’s Instagram a follow here.

Julie Sinkovitz is a former division I track athlete at The University of Maryland, and a Sports Dietician with MPH, RD and CSSD certifications. Her response to ‘Is Granola Healthy?’ is similar to that of Amanda and Jaclyn’s.

“Granola can be deceitfully healthy. There are so many brands out there that have lengthy ingredient lists, including things like added sugars, processed ingredients and saturated fats. When kept simple, granola can be a great addition to things like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and smoothies. When looking at different brands, it’s important to find one with a short list of wholesome ingredients. This is why I love Granola Factory. Their granola is kept simple with things like oats, dried fruits, nuts and cinnamon. The oats give you fiber to keep you full, while the nuts add some heart healthy fats and help to decrease inflammation. Granola Factory granola is my go-to post workout snack.”

How do you enjoy granola?

“I add it to some Greek yogurt or on top of a protein shake for some added crunch. It gives me the perfect protein and carb combo to recover and rebuild my muscles. Sometimes I even eat a handful as a quick carb/pre workout snack!”

In conclusion, it really depends what granola you’re eating. Look for simple and high quality ingredients, not just in granola, but with everything you eat! What is it about our granola that you love? Share your feedback in the comments!